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Poster: CFTApbo Date: Jul 2, 2020 6:26am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: NEW Old-Time Radio Show Produced in Pittsboro Is A Must Listen!

Brighten your day by listening to the brand-spanking new
old-time-radio-style comedy and music show just produced and posted
online by Pittsboros-own Chatham Community Players.

This wonderful production is what happens when a crazy bunch of
talented creatives around Pittsboro have way too much time on their
- David Quick Jazz is the Special Musical Guest
- Craig Witter updated the 1940s comedy script
- Cast of characters who recorded their parts at home in their closets
....Stephanie Arndt as Sandy
....Mark Anderson as Buddy McGill
....Kevin Smith as the Announcer
....Rachel Horowitz as the Little Girl

For trivia buffs this radio show is kind of a podcast on YouTube. Huh?
Lemme tell you what I mean... this is Episode 1 by PBO RxR, a new
spin-off of alumni of the family of arts organizations based in the
Center for the Arts, Pittsboro. Lots of folks have happily crossed
paths with this eccentric group of troupes. But even its founders,
Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter, view its organization chart as an
indecipherable secret.

One thing is for sure, everybody who listens to Episode 1 by PBO RxR
on YouTube wants to subscribe to their YouTube channel ...that is a
thing... and tell their friends to do the same. Nobody will want to
miss Episode 2.